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Press articles about the evolving role of mainframe, grouped under "System/390" 5-Star Selection Award

.   General Resources

  . Redbooks International Technical Support publications (On line catalog and select excerpts)
  . Technical FLASHes Combined site for WSC and Networking Systems Flashes, tech white papers, FAQs
  . Technical Support Problem solving Databases, Corrective Service, etc. (IBM)
  . IBMLink WWW access point for IBMLink
  CBT Tape Site Collection of freeware/open-source code for MVS and OS/390 developers
  . Applicat'n Development App development & data mgmt software:   ISPF, DFSORT, IMS, WebSphere MQ, .
  . MVSforums Help Boards and Technical FAQs on Programming Languages, CICS, JCL, ...
  . Mainframe Upgrade Mainframe news, articles and papers on hardware/software strategy, etc.
  . Other MVS Pages Bruce Gillispie's list of personal MVS pages: Mark Zelden, David Alcock, ..
  . Mainframe Dictionary A dictionary of mainframe terms and acronyms (Software Diversified Services)

 .   Programming Languages

  . Reference Material Links, tutorials,.. for mainframe and web languages (The American Programmer)
  . High Level Assembler High Level Assembler for MVS/VM/VSE and HLASM Toolkit;  and the Library
  . SimoTime Library material: Assembler Connection, COBOL Connection, VSAM ...
. IBM COBOL Family About COBOL on various platforms  See also the Library
  . COBOL manuals IBM bookshelves for COBOL. Also PDF files for COBOL for OS/390
  . The COBOL Center Well arranged set of pointers to COBOL-related information, also COBOL Books
  . COBOL User Groups COBUG - a full fledged portal for COBOL resources: forums, program examples, ..
. Language Environment LE Home Page, also the Library, and SHARE Presentations (require Acrobat Reader)
  Java 2 on z/OS Java 2 Technology Developer Kit for z/OS, now for V6
  . Java Discussions Java technology discussion forums and Newsgroups (IBM's developerWorks)
  . Perl for S/390 Archive of articles from - at Max-Planck-Institut, Munich
  . PL/I Home Page of the PL/I product family
  . REXX REXX Language page at IBM
  . NetRexx Blend of REXX and Java to enable REXX programmers to create Java code
  . EGL Enterprise Generation Language - optimized code for target runtime platforms (IBM)

 .  CICS, WebSphere MQ, ..

  . Transaction Systems A jump-off point for info from IBM on CICS, WebSphere MQ, IMS, etc.
  . CICS Home page Info about CICS Transaction Server on all platforms;  Also Support
  . WebSphere and TS WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
  . CICS WebSphere CICS/COBOL development using WebSphere Studio Developer (Hursley)
  . CICS Project SHARE CICS Project
  . CICS publications IBM bookshelves for CICS.  Also:  Library.  And TS V2.3 PDFs
  . CICS Tips CICS Tips & Tricks (at the web site of ADS)
  . CICS-L Searchable CICS List articles (University of Georgia)
  . CICS-to-Net Notes on CICS Internet Connectivity (Crossland Consulting)
 . WebSphere MQ News, case studies, whitepapers, etc., about MQSeries.  Also Using MQ

.   DB2

  . DB Management A jump-off point for info on DB2, Java/JDBC for DB2, Tech Library, Net.Data, ...
  . DB2 for z/OS Now shipping: DB2 Universal DB for z/OS Ver 8. See Availability and Service
  . DB2 Manuals IBM bookshelves for DB2, for various platforms. Also:  Library
  . DM Magazine Data Management magazine, current issue (IBM)
  . German language Site A German language DB2 site (Gernot Ruban)

 .  Operating Systems

  z/OS The 64-bit OS, "the next generation of the OS/390", for zSeries 900 machines
  . z/OS Library Web accessible Library of MVS material. See also:  z/OS PDF files
  . Abend Codes Common MVS System Abends, and brief explanation of each (Lightning Solutions, UK)
  . ISVs Compatibility Info about compatibility of vendor products with z/OS
  . UNIX System Services z/OS UNIX System Services, part of standard z/OS. See also:  Library
  . z/TPF Home Page Transaction Processing Facility and the The Airline Control System (ALCS)
  . TPF Docs Manuals for Transaction Processing Facility
  . z/VM Home page of VM operating system
  . z/VSE Home page of z/VSE.  See also: WAVV, World Alliance of VSE and VM
  . VSE Mailing/Discussion List and Resources for VSE - VSE-L (Wayne Mery)

 .  System/390

 . zSeries Servers Home page of  "the Integrated Platform for e-business on zSeries". Also: Library
  . Systems Magazine Articles on mainframe innovation.  See also:  The Mainstream e-newsletter
  . G5/G6 Servers Feb 2000 announcement of new features & functions
  . Parallel Sysplex Configuration assistant, CF structure sizer, etc.
  . Server Consolidation 4000 servers onto 30 mainframes (ARNnet, August 2)
  . Mainframe Hangs On Small businesses are loath to let go of the Mainframe (Computerworld, July 30)
  . Mainframe Skills Looming scarcity of mainframe skills (Computerworld, August 1)
  . zNextGen Developing young talent in mainframe computing (Computerworld, August 25)
  . Cobol Veterans About Legacy Reserves, a resource for retired COBOL programmers (Computerworld)
  . z9 Mainframe A revitalized mainframe environment? (The Register, Jul 26)
  . CICS and SOA CICS lands a role in Service-Oriented Architecture (The Register, Feb 7)
  . Dealing with Legacy Ways of "Biting the Legacy Bullet" (The Register, May 4)

 .  Users Groups

  . SHARE Next conference: August 11-16, 2013, in Boston, MA
  . DB2 Users Groups List of UGs at International DB2 Users Group, IDUG
  . CICS Users Groups List of UGs at Pacific CICS Users Group, PCICSUG
  . VM User Groups VM User Groups around the world
  VM and VSE WAVV, World Alliance of VSE and VM

 .  Training

  . IBM Training US Classes & schedules.  Also: Australia   Canada   France   Germany   UK
 . ProTech Mainframe, data center automation, C/S, and Internet subjects - US and Canada
 . MVS Training Classes in various US locations on JCL, REXX, etc. (also at customer sites)
 . MQSoftware Training in all aspects of WebSphere MQ;  most classes in Edina, near Minneapolis, MN
 . Trainer's Friend Mainframe related courses, in Colorado, Washington, and at customer sites
  . Themis Classes on CICS, DB2, MQSeries - North American locations
 . Michel Castelein OS/390-related training in Belgium (in Dutch, French, or English)
 . Wise Ltd. Public and onsite courses (DB2, CICS, VSAM, ...) throughout the UK and Europe
  . Verhoef Varied mainframe courses in the U.S. Also in the UK, and S. Africa
 . DataTrain Computer Based Training for mainframe/midrange systems, distributed world wide
 . Mainframe Books On varied mainframe disciplines, also PC subjects (Mike Murach & Associates)
  . Technical Conferences International Conferences on DB2 and IMS, WebSphere Portal, zSeries, ...

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